Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Heat Takes a Toll

Today DC is going for its seventh 100 degree day of the year. Oh yeah!

As the forecasters from the Post put it

The Dog Days of August are alive and well in mid-July. Yeah, we’re more used to this now than we were earlier in the summer. But it’s still hot and gross, especially if you have to walk more than a block to or from the bus, metro, or whatever your mode of transportation.

And it really does take a toll on you. As I’ve said before, the short walk from my office to the subway and then the subway to my house is really not all that far. But by the time I get there well I’m reduced to a moist towelette. The first thing I go when I get home is change my clothes. Well actually the first thing I do when I get home is turn on the air conditioning.

The heat just wipes me out. Can’t seem to do much of anything. I eat dinner and then just veg out. At least what I did during the last heat wave. This time I decided to try and do something when I got home and after dinner. I find this time around I feel a little less tried at the end of the day. I’ve started back on the Wii Fit. I try to do between 20-30 minutes each day. It’s been a little sporadic at the start but I’m getting better at doing it when I get home.

A little more on the heat of the summer: the average number of days over 90 degrees in DC is 36. So far this year we are at 26. It’s very probably we’ll be over the average. But the record for 90 degree days goes to 2010 and 1980 when there were 67. Ugh!

I still find it hard to do a post. It requires a little more thinking than I’m willing to do at the end of the day. But I’ll do my best to post on a more regular basis.

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