Friday, October 12, 2012

Naitonals Force Game 5

The Nationals win to force a game 5.

As the Post put it:

The ball tore a hole in the cold October air, headed out toward the Capitol dome, gleaming white in the starless sky. Jayson Werth tossed his bat and pointed to the home dugout at Nationals Park. Red fireworks exploded behind home plate. Werth’s teammates charged out of their dugout and the raucous fans exulted, all of them warmed by the knowledge the baseball season still lived in Washington.

They all got another day. They have another game. In the bottom of the ninth inning Thursday night, Werth ended a 13-pitch at-bat with a walk-off home run to lift the Nationals to a 2-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals to even the National League Division Series at two games each. Werth came to Washington two years ago vowing he could win in this city. Thursday night, he gave them the chance to play again.

I was volunteering at Food and Friends and we were listening to it on the radio. Just amazing. I decided if there was a game 5 I would go down to the park and hang out and watch the game on some big screen TV that would be some where.

I came home from volunteering and texted a friend I was going to go down. He said would I look on Stub Hub for a ticket. I said I might look. I didn't until late. There were pretty good seats that weren't too much above asking value. Like only 3 times above. Some places people wanted ridiculous amounts of money for noise bleed seats. It's late now of course so I really can't contact anyone to see if they used Stub Hub. I selected some seats and it said they weren't available.

I thought well maybe I'll wait until morning. Then again by morning there won't be much left and probably by then only really expensive seats. I thought about it some more. I created an account just in case I decided to get a ticket. Looked at some more possible seats and what the prices were. One of the problems was finding one seat. Many wanted to sell you two or more. More seats disappeared.

Well I finally thought how many times is this going to happen. So I decided what the hell. I'm getting money back from my health insurance premiums under Obamacare because my insurance company didn't spend enough on premiums on something. I potentially have tickets to the next series but if they don't win tomorrow well those tickets don't matter.

So I have a ticket to tomorrow's game (if everything is as Stub Hub says it is). I'm in section 130 and will be yelling like crazy.

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