Monday, April 15, 2013

Fleetwood Mac

What an amazing concert. Just as good if not better than a few years back when I saw them at Verizon Center.

Here’s a link to the posts I had about the last time I saw them. I think my enthusiasm for the this time around is just as great. Just an amazing performance by everyone involved.

I tried to think what the best moment was. Hard to come up with that. Silver Springs one of my favorite songs. They played that as one of the encores. Go Your Own Way probably the quintessential Fleetwood Mac song. Chain, Dreams, Big Love. Wow what to pick.

Then it hit me. Mic Fleetwood has a drum solo in the song World Turning (another favorite). During his solo you can see the love he has for music in his every expression, movement, his very essence. It was truly joyous to watch. Just as the concert was joyous to watch.

Here’s World Turning.

Now it’s been 35 years since I first saw them.

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