Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Nationals Park Panorama

The Washington Post created a panorama of Nationals Park. Here's what they did:

The Nationals played the Miami Marlins in their season opener on Monday, April 1. Explore this interactive gigapixel panorama of Nationals Park on opening day, and tag yourself and others in the photograph.

This GigaPan image was made by stitching together 360 high-resolution photographs taken over a 23 minute, 24 second period during the top of the second inning of the Nationals vs. Marlins game on April 1, 2013. Because of the time required to capture all of the images, conditions changed often and people moved into and out of the frames. This is the reason third baseman Ryan Zimmerman does not appear in the mosaic, why others appear only partially (the batter approaching the plate) and others (the third base umpire, for example) appear in multiple places.

You can find me in Section 132 about two thirds of the way up. I tagged myself. As a friend e-mailed to me: The Post picture is cool, as well as scary in a Big Brother kind of way.

I think I can say yes to both points. But it is so very cool.

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