Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marcia Wallace in Memorium

The wonderfully funny Edna Krabappel voice has been stilled. Her wonderful, infectious and incredibly funny laugh lost to us.

The very funny and sarcastic Carol Kester from the Bob Newhart Show is gone.

Marcia Wallace best know for the voice of Mrs. K, as Bart would call her, died on October 25.

This from the Post:

Ms. Wallace’s trademark “Ha!” punctuated Krabappel’s frequent wisecracks, and her character was known for the catchphrase “Do what I mean, not what I say.”

Ms. Wallace was among six voice actors from “The Simpsons” cast who received a combined Emmy in 1992 for outstanding voice-over performance.

Below is a montage of that wonderful laugh of Edna

Here's a little more about Marcia and her voice work as Edna Krabappel:

Marcia Wallace has over the years met ever challenge presented by the writers. It has been the writers of The Simpsons who are responsible for deepening the character, but what Wallace has done is to turn words on paper into emotional reality. The single greatest voice acting moment in Simpsons history, in my opinion, belongs to Julie Kavner and her heartbreaking message to Homer in The Simpsons Movie. But I would argue that perhaps the most fully successful voice performance of any one single character over the course of the Simpsons run might just possibly be Marcia Wallace and what she has done with Mrs. Krabappel.

Thank you Marcia for all those wonderful episodes of the Simpsons. I still think it is one of the funniest shows on television. You will be missed.

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