Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What We Learned from the Republican Shutdown — Obama Stood His Ground

I have to say I found this one a little hard to believe at first. That Obama would stand his ground and not give in on the Affordable Care Act. But the more I read the more it seemed obvious that he would not bend this time. He learned that being accommodating with Republicans only meant they dig their heels in and demand even more.

I'm reminded of something a co-worker used to say: What is it about no did you not understand.

After awhile why didn't the Republicans get that. I guess they thought Obama would cave like he'd done in the past. But at some point they must have realized he was series. Like I don't know the first day of the shut down.

Then the terms on what the Republicans wanted change on the Affordable Care Act. Suddenly there was all this concern from the Republicans about the burden the individual mandate would have on people. (Also the fact the website was having major problems). So the new line was it was "reasonable" to postpone the individual mandate by a year even though enrollment had started. Then suddenly from the mouth of these Tea Partiers was they never wanted the Affordable Care Act repealed but just postponed for a year.

Did Republicans really think people would not see through this for what it was?

I glad Obama did not give ground on the Affordable Care Act. Maybe now negotiations between the Republicans and Obama will exist in the real world as opposed to the fantasy land that most Tea Partiers are in.

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