Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Things You See on Metro

Not something you see everyday on the Metro a guy in bare feet. 

I noticed him while I was getting on at Cleveland Park. I did a double take. I had to because I couldn't believe that he had nothing on his feet. We both ended up getting off at the same stop. I thought it was a little ironic how he had one jacket on and another one with him. Right before we got off he put the other jacket on. My thought was aren't you going to be cold with bare feet. 

Then I wondered if he would be barefoot when he went up the escalator because I thought that would have all sorts of potential for bad things to happen. 

It turns out he had a pair of flip flops with him. He put those on to go up the escalator. Once at the top of the escalator, off came the flip flops. He headed off down the street barefoot.

People can be so strange.


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Unknown said...

This is a year old but I'll still comment. Yeah, it's odd to see bare feet in places one normally doesn't but guys wearing earrings was strange 30 years ago. Look where we are now.
Bare feet are going to become more prevalent as awareness increases of the benefits.