Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Never Ending Winter

Yes I know you can’t do anything about the weather. Well you can bitch about it and well this winter there’s been a great deal of bitching about it.

Yes, it has been much worse in other parts of the country. But then again I don’t live in other parts of the country I live here in DC. And the weather has just sucked lately.

Yesterday is a perfect example of how bad it’s been. The high for the day was 33 degrees. That’s 25 degrees below what the average high should be for this time of year. Over this coming weekend average highs should be right around 60. I think DC will get pretty close to that but I think it’s going to rain most of the weekend.

I’d just like to have a week of average temperature days that are mostly sunny. Yes, I know considering the year we’ve had so far that is asking a lot. After all we had snow most of the day on Tuesday. Thankfully it didn’t stick. But then there were flurries yesterday. I looked out the window at work and said that’s snow. The people I share the office with were just as surprised as I was.

I’m trying to figure out exactly why this winter has seemed worse than others in the past. After all with Snowmageddon back in 2010 (wow has it been four years already, time flies). (Click on this link to see my posts about it.) DC got pounded with 20 inches of snow. I think I’ve figured out why this year seems worse. The storms just kept coming and coming.

The last storm we had was March 17. The storm before that was March 3. The storm before that was sometime around February 13. Then about 10 days before that there was ice. After a couple of these fun storms along came the polar vortex. There was also ice in the beginning of January. Essential just about every 10 days to two weeks some weather event has happened. And to top it off most days in DC aren't even close to the average temperature which makes things even worse.

Maybe just maybe this week was the last of it. Looks like maybe DC is finally done with it. But who know April 1 is next who knows what type of joke may be played on us.

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