Friday, August 15, 2014

Wonderful Weather in August

The title of the post says it all. Just amazing weather in the month of August. In fact amazing weather for a large part of the summer.

As the Capital Weather Gang from the Post put it:
With only 16 days featuring high temperatures at or above 90 degrees this year, we’re a week behind last year’s tally year-to-date, and 32 days (more than a month!) behind the pace of the scorching 2010-2012 summers.  The average year-to-date total is around 29.

To be honest I'm hard pressed to think when DC had its last 90 degree day. I went to the weather site and found that last 90 degree day was on August 5. The one before that was July 23. As for going forward doesn't look like there is one in sight for awhile.

Here's what the morning and afternoon temperatures looked like today.

Not bad at all for the middle of August. Not bad at all!

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