Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday in New York City, Part II — Top of the Rock

We got back to our hotel a little after 10:30. We were trying to figure out what to do until the show.

Denis found a walking tour of Broadway but upon further investigation found that it would it end at 1. We both thought that would not allow us enough time to get lunch and get to Guide on time. He looked a little further and said maybe we should go to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. I thought that was a good idea.

We checked out of the hotel. We also had them hold our luggage and we didn’t have to pay for it either.

With that done we were off to Top of the Rock. The weather had started to clear. It wasn’t exactly bright and sunny but the clouds were starting to lift.

It took us a little while to find the entrance to Top of the Rock (we were a street off) and we also had to navigate around a tour that was outside the entrance. Paid for our ticket and was warned that visibility was not the best. I guess they had to do this so people wouldn’t be angry when they got to the top and couldn’t see anything.

Top of the Rock has three different levels you can go to at the top of the rock. All three are outside. It was a really cool perspective of the city. It was also really cool that while we were up there the clouds continued to lift. The tower on the Empire State Building was in the clouds when we got up there but by the time we got to the second level it had cleared. In fact out toward Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty the sun was coming out.

We ran into a really nice guard on the top level of the Rock. His name was Giovani and yes he had a very typical New York accent. He took several pictures for Denis. In fact he walked up to Denis and offered to take a picture.

I then had my famous person sighting. But not exactly the sighting I thought I would have. I walked over to the other side of the top level. I noticed this tall guy with a goatee. It was Stephen Strasburg from the Nationals. The Nats were in town playing the Mets. And he obviously was doing some site seeing. He was with his wife and young daughter. They were with a couple of people who were showing them around. I had to think they were probably with Top of the Rock

By this time Denis had joined me and I pointed out Strasburg. Denis asked if I wanted to have a picture taken with him. I said I did but didn’t think it the right thing to do. I’ve read in several articles he really does not like being recognized in public. Also he was with his wife and daughter. If he’d been by himself I might have asked but not with them there. I took a couple of quick pictures. The first couple I got away with but the last two he definitely knew what I was doing.

We then walked back to where Giovani was so Denis could take his picture with him. I told Giovani who’d I seen. He was really excited but I told him Strasburg had left. He was a little disappointed at that. He then pointed out for us the various stadiums that you could see. I asked how long he’d been working there and he said about a year and a half. I asked if he liked and he said he loved it. He added he was a people person and that certainly showed. I’m going to send a quick not to Top of the Rock mentioning how great a guy he is. He even recommended a great place for us to have lunch.

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