Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday in New York City, Part III — A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

What an hysterically funny show this was from start to finish.

Here’s a little about the show:

Charting the rise and fall of the social climbing Monty Navarro (Bryce Pinkham) and his bizarre quest to off all that stand between him and the coveted D’Ysquith Earldom, this Edwardian caper is based on the classic Ealing studios hit Kind Hearts and Coronets, which starred Alec Guinness in the multi-character role now inhabited marvellously by scene stealing Tony nominee Jefferson Mays.

Add to this web of murder and deceit the extra complication of love rivals, the passionate and vain Sibella and the innocent and pure Phoebe, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is an irreverent and hilarious new musical that is sure to make a wonderful evening out!

This from the New York Times:

Despite the high body count, this delightful show will lift the hearts of all those who’ve been pining for what sometimes seems a lost art form: musicals that match streams of memorable melody with fizzily witty turns of phrase. Bloodlust hasn’t sung so sweetly, or provided so much theatrical fun, since Sweeney Todd first wielded his razor with gusto many a long year ago.

The seriously squeamish needn’t fear entering the Walter Kerr Theater, where this frolicsome operetta opened on Sunday night. Although our antihero, played with brash innocence lightly sprinkled with arsenic by Bryce Pinkham, eventually piles up a stack of corpses to rival that of dear old Mr. Todd, he’s a much cuddlier fellow. A gentleman indeed, whose only wish is to secure his fortune by bumping off a few inconvenient relatives in Edwardian England.

There is a point where there is only one D’Ysquith left. And all the major characters attend a dinner party at his home. At one point during the dinner D’Ysquith says he dislikes the food and literally spits something out of his mouth that goes several feet across the table. There is the appropriate gross out reaction of the audience and then laughs. As Denis and I said afterwards, this is something they would have had to practice to get right.

Just a wonderful show. We waited outside after the performance. I got autographs of all the major characters and pictures as well.

Lisa O'hare who played Sibella Hallward Monty's mistress.

Lauren Worsham is Phoebe D’Ysquith. Who ends up being Monty's wife.

Jefferson Mays plays all of the D’Ysquith.

Bryce Pinkham is Monty Navarro

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