Sunday, April 05, 2015

Back at Nats Park with Opening Day Right Around the Corner

It was great to be back at the park yesterday. It was the final preseason outing for the Nationals. They played the Yankees. They ended up losing 4-3. It was a rather cold and bluster day at the park.

The Nats started out well scoring 3 runs in the first inning. They had chances after that but just didn't produce any runs. The starters began to be pulled around the 6th inning. There were several people I'd never heard of.

There is a great story in the Post today all about it. It's titled Who Are These Guys? It says in part:
A few weeks ago, the bench was supposed to include Moore, Frandsen and Nate McLouth. On Saturday, it featured den Dekker, who tripled in the seventh; Johnson, who singled in the ninth; Mike Carp and Clint Robinson. By the seventh inning, the Nationals’ outfield was Johnson, den Dekker and Robinson, who found out after the game that he had made the opening day roster. (Carp was sent to minor league camp.) Only the typo-riddled Twitter feed of a confused psychic would have predicted such a thing when spring training began.
So there will be some new names and faces on opening day tomorrow.

Doug Fister was on the mound for the last exhibition game

The presidents were back in action too.

But most importantly tomorrow is opening day.

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