Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Start of the Trip

I discovered something important that parking restrictions around Union Station only run Monday through Friday. The reason that is important is it means I can drive my car down and park by Union Station to get a bus.

Usually I would ride Metro but that doesn't open until 7 am on Saturday. The first train doesn't arrive at the Rhode Island Avenue Station until around 7:20. So the earliest bus I could take up to New York would be the 8 am bus.

But that's all changed with this new discovery. Now I can take an earlier bus. And that is exactly what I did on Saturday. I got down early and found a parking space two blocks away. I ended up on the 6:10 am bus up to New York. There was a $5 change in reservation fee.

It worked out so well. I got up a little after 10:30. Walked up to the half price ticket booth. I got tickets to both parts to Wolf Hall at one time. So no rushing back to the booth after the matinee to get the ticket for the evening performance.

I decided to go to my hotel, the Cassa on 45th Street, to drop my bag off so I wouldn't have to carry it around with in the afternoon. Turns out I was able to check into the room when I got there! The room was fantastic. So was the bathroom and decided to take a quick shower.

Then grabbed lunch at a Pret that was nearby. After that I headed off to Wolf Hall Part I.

This was such a comfy beds and lots of pillows!

Very clean and modern bathroom

With a huge walk in shower.

Times Square

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