Saturday, October 24, 2015

Charlie Turns into Psycho Kitty at the Vets

Psycho Charlie getting ready to pounce.

Charlie and Linus needed to get their shots. Rabies and some other shot. They were do for the shots in September. But September was a little busy for me. I decided I’d take them after I got back from Detroit. I called to make an appointment and the first weekend time they had was for the 17th. The first actual appointment was in the middle of the week at like 11am. I said I couldn’t get to that one. So we set it up for the 17th at 2pm.

Not exactly the optimum time for an appointment. Sort of leaves you with little ability to plan anything for the morning or afternoon. I ended up doing cleaning. Finally went through some old VHS tapes that I haven’t touched in years and decided which ones to throw out. Also did a load of laundry and a little vacuuming as well.

I left a little after 1 for the ride to the vet. They hadn’t been in the car since the last time we went to the vet which was two years ago. It is a good 30 minute drive to the vets. And it seems I hit just about every light red which only added time to the drive. I go to a Banfield hospital which is associated with Pet Smart. It is a ways away but it has good hours and parking is easy. I took Sam to DuPont vet and I liked them a great deal it was hard to find parking.

Charlie started to get annoyed in the car. He let me know about. I tried to calm him down but without much luck. We arrived at the vets on time. We waited a little bit because they were just getting back from lunch.

I said to the vet that Linus was the calm one. Charlie was a biter. It was decided to let Charlie out to roam around the exam room while dealing with Linus. They let Charlie out to explore. He seemed very interested in the room. Then we turned to Linus. Linus was not a problem at all. He allowed the doctor to listen to his heart, look at his teeth, get his shots even clip his claws no problem at all.

Next up Charlie. He was having none of it. A hiss, spitting, yowling, biting, scratching machine he became. No matter what done, he would not calm down. Then brought in the cat gloves which are heavy duty gloves that go up to the elbow of the person. Also brought in a blanket. They were able to get him up on the table and listen to his heart before he got away. But that was about it.

They tried again. They brought in a third person. Got him for a little while but still he got away. He was even more pissed off now. I said that that was enough. We'd make other arrangements. Now the task was to get him back in his carrier. That was fun. Hissing and growling and all sorts of other charming noises coming out of him. Psycho kitty had emerged.

Finally got him back in his carrier.

The upshot is that in a couple of weeks he will be going back to the vet. I'll drop him off and they will sedate him and then do the exam. This won't happen until the middle of November. In the mean time I'm going to explore other possibilities closer to home. I think the ride in the car really set him off.

But wow what a fun afternoon!

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