Sunday, November 15, 2015

Final Pictures of the New York City Trip

Just a few of the goodies available from the place we had dinner.

After getting autographs from the Allegiance cast, we headed to the half price ticket booth.

We wanted to see Something Rotten. When we got to the window we were told they didn't have any tickets. We tried next for A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder. We were told they had seats but not together. Then they said they had tickets to Something Rotten but again not together.

We took those since I'd seen Gentlemen's Guide. Something Rotten was absolutely hilarious. The row behind me was empty so at intermission Diane and I moved there. Really really enjoyed the show.

Next on the agenda was dinner. We decided since we had a big lunch to just have a sandwich. Found a nice place north of Times Square. Had a very nice dinner and split a piece of cheese cake.

We had a little time before the show so we went to Times Square to take some more pictures.

After the show it was off to the bus. And another amazing trip to New York drew to a close.

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