Monday, November 02, 2015

Weekend Metro "Service"

It’s hard to be surprised about what Metro does. But this one surprised even me.

It was Saturday. I decided to go to the gym early. I thought I’d try and get there right when they opened. In order to that I’d have to drive and pay for parking. I decided against that.

The next option of course was to take Metro.

There would be no way I could get to the gym right when it opened because service on Metro on weekends doesn't start until 7. Having taken Metro on a Saturday morning to get to Union Station to catch a bus to New York City, I knew that the first train doing into DC didn't reach the Rhode Island Avenue stop until about 7:20 or a little later.

I didn't need to be at Metro right when it opened. I got to the station at about 10 after.

The train going in my direction would arrive in about 12 minutes. I walked around the platform for a while and then noticed the next train sign for people going in the direction of Glenmont. The next train going in that direction would reach Rhode Island Avenue in 32 minutes.

That's right 32 minutes. And I'd gotten to the station 10 minutes after it opened. It means that people going in the direction of Glenmont had to wait 42 minutes for a train. 42 minutes. It means that the train started at the Shady Grove station.

I'd assume, incorrectly it turns out, that when the system opened there would be trains at each end of the Red Line and then ones at Metro Center. Two trains at Metro Center that would head toward the end of the line. One to Shady Grove and the other to Glenmont. But no. The trains start at the ends of the line.

There was a guy going in the direction of Glenmont that was not aware that this is the way it worked either. He was phoning someone saying he was going to be late. Who would have ever guess that you would have to wait over 40 minutes for a train.

It reinforces to me once again that Metro is no longer capable of operating the subway system seven days a week. To wait that long for a train and this is under normal operating conditions is inexcusable. But then again that now seems to be the standard operating procedure for Metro.

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