Monday, November 09, 2015

Saturday Trip to New York with Diane

It started early. I got up at 4 am to make the 6:10am bus.

Diane who I volunteer with at Food and Friends joined me on this trip. We'd been planning to do this since last year. The idea was to get a group of people we volunteer with to go up for a trip. As often happens when there many people involved, it's hard to agree on a time to go.

Diane and I finally we would go on our own. The idea was to go up early and then come back mid evening. Booked the 6:10 bus up then we were coming back on the 9:30 bus. About three weeks ago I got an email from Megabus saying that the 9:30 bus had been cancelled. We then decided to take a late bus which would allow us to see two shows.

I arrived early at Union Station. Almost an hour early. But I'd rather be at Union Station then hanging out at my house just waiting to leave. I found a great parking place just a couple of blocks from the station.

Here are some great pictures from outside the station.

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