Monday, August 25, 2008

Weighty Matters Again

I've reached another one of my goals regarding my weight. I'm now below 175. Well I should say I'm below 175 most of the time.

175 had been my floor for several months. It seemed no matter what I did I could never get below that. Now most of the time when I weigh myself I am below 175. The lowest I've been is 172.5 that was on my "official" weigh in day which is Saturday.

I've been reading conflicting arguments on whether you should weigh yourself each day. The argument for it is that you can spot a sudden increase in your weight and immediately take action to stop it. The other side say your weight fluctuates over the course of a day let alone a week. There recommendation is do it once a week. Do it the same time each week and that's a better way to compare how you're doing. I take that approach in that Saturday is my official recording day. I do jump on the scale a couple of time during the week just to see where I am. I usually do it when I haven't eaten all that well the previous day.

One thing would be very nice if you could target where you loose the weight. Unfortunately that's not possible if it was I'd have a flat stomach. But I'm going to start working on my stomach. Results offers a 15 minute ab class every half hour in the morning. I may see if I can get in early enough and take it before I have my training session on Tuesday. If not I'll start on Wednesday.

I had a really good workout yesterday. I woke up rather sore from it today which is a good sign. I take some of the exercises I did with Randy and rework them into my own workout. I have to say I think I did a very good job.

Today I'm going to take it easy. I have the day off so I'm going to go down to the mall and see some exhibits and hopefully have lunch with a friend.

Once again the weather is fantastic for August. It is a little warmer than the past few days and slightly more humid but still a fantastic day. I'm going to enjoy it!

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