Monday, January 12, 2009

Last Press Conference

Bush cannot be gone soon enough.

This from his last news conference:

President Bush this morning declared emphatically that “most people around the world respect America.”

What planet is this guy on. To think that our image in the world has not taken a huge hit during his administration. What a joke. Just like his presidency.

Our standing in the world is about at the same level that Bush’s popularity in US opinion polls.

This just shows once again the complete inability of Bush to comprehend what is going on. I can understand saying his course on Iraq was correct. After all what else can he say about that. He could have said that over time people will see that his decision in Iraq is the right (which is all he can hope for right now). But to say that most people in the world respect America is just plain silly.

The one consolation is that this is the last news conference we will have to suffer through from Bush.

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