Sunday, September 20, 2009

MS Ride - Pictures Part 4

I made it in around 2:20. I think I did really well. I recovered after the cramp in my leg at lunch time. Tylenol does wonderful things. Also I think getting off the bike made a big difference. I also made sure I stopped at every pit stop until the end. I think that made the last part of the ride much easier. At pit stop 7 they had home made chocolate chip cookies. They were very good. Also the volunteers came up to you and asked if you needed your water bottles filled.

Here are pictures of Ed and Jennifer riding in. They to in about a half hour after I did. Teresa, who did the century, came in a little after 3.

The final pictures shows people getting food and relaxing. This was a brand new middle school with locker rooms where you got to take a shower and wash all the grime off that had accumulated during the course of the day.

The first picture is of Pit 6.

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