Saturday, September 19, 2009

MS Ride

Tomorrow Ed, Jennifer and I are off on the MS Ride. We are getting picked up by a friend of Jennifer's at 5:30 am to take us to the starting point in a town called Clever which is about 30 minutes from Springfield. We are only going to do the first day of the ride. Our goal is to do 80 miles.

The weather forecast has been all over the place. It was supposed to rain. Jennifer feels like she is always going to do the ride in the rain. Last year the second day got canceled because of a hurricane. Now it seems the chance of rain is only around 30%.

My hope is that we start out with clear weather and get some miles under our belts before any rain. Hopefully we won't get any rain at all.

W won't get back until late from the ride. Pictures of the ride and the grape harvest and steamorama will be posted on Sunday.

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