Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazier Than the Tea Partiers

Hard to believe that there is a group of people even further to the right and even more crazy than the Tea Party but there is.

The Tea Party showed up last week here in DC to protest tax day. It's funny how these people didn't seem to have any problem with this when George Bush was president.

Well now we have a group rally to "push back" against those people who according to one of these groups:

Each time these revolutionists of gradualism against the Founders' Republic took another bite out of the Constitution and shoved us back from the natural exercise of our God-given and inalienable rights, we have backed up, grumbling. We have not shoved back."

Check them out here.

So some of these groups rallied on the Mall others went to a National Park in Virginia where they carried loaded weapons. This was to exercise their rights of carrying weapons on National Park land. This was recently passed into law.

Some of the groups included Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and Oath Keepers. More on the Oath Keepers in an upcoming post. I will just say that I learned about the Oath Keepers because a guy at my gym had a t-shirt from the organization on.

They picked yesterday because it is the anniversary of Lexington and Concord. They were not celebrating the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

But a little more on the above quote. The local media interviewed a guy at the Mall demonstration. He said just about the same thing. A couple things he sited as erosions of our rights over the last 70 years was Social Security and Medicare. How exactly is Social Security an erosion of anyone's rights? For some people Social Security is their income for retirement. Someone needs to explain to me how that is a bad thing.

I will say that Oath Keepers pulled out of the protests saying:

"There are people out there willing to do anything to create chaos in an uncontrolled situation, and [the event] is wide open for disaster."

And another stated:

Organizers of another April 19 rally, the Second Amendment March at the Washington Monument, want it known that they have nothing to do with the Restore the Constitution muster. "We are a peaceful, law-abiding group that will follow all local and federal laws," the march organizers' Web site says. "That group is a separate entity entirely and is not at all associated ..."

So maybe there are some saner people out there. But again the rehtoric coming from these rallies is about "taking back America" "pushing back" against people. "Restoring the Constitution and democracy." How exactly do they intend to do that? Is it through the electoral process? If they don't get the result they want this fall, what will they do then?

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