Friday, April 09, 2010

Incredible progress with training sessions

This really hit home with the session today. First off the times been changed to 6:30 so Ed can work in another client at 7:30. It means I really have to have my act together Friday morning to get there on time. It was actually no problem.

I started out with hand stands. I haven’t done these in a while but was able to get off one very good set. Next it was fun with the Bosu Ball which you can see.

I stood on it and then took a weight bar placing it at waist level. I then proceeded to do a squat. I then stood up and pushed the bar up over my head. While I held the bar over my head, I rotated to one side and then did another squat. I did 20 of these in each of two sets. The main thing is that I was able to maintain my balance through most of it. If I done these six months ago, I’d been falling off the ball after ever try. I was very surprised I was able to do it. The second set I did even better.

The next thing was pull ups. I’ve never been very good at these. But today I was able to do ten in a row. I did each one individually. Jump up, grab the bar, pull myself up and then drop back down. Then repeat.

Training on Wednesday is progressing as well. Shawn is increasing the weight I’m using on workouts. We’re also not following as set a pattern of the body parts worked. This is for greater muscle confusion. Also I find I actually survive spinning on Wednesday morning and the training session Wednesday afternoon. Thursday I’m a little worn out but find I’m in fine shape by Friday for another training session.

As for my weight, I wish I was in a little better place with that but very slowly I’m losing some. I’m getting close to 175. I hope to be close to 170 by my birthday in June. Now, that the weather is better and I’m not sick all the time, I’m taking walks after dinner. One final thing I may add is going to the gym on Tuesday. Another idea is if the weather is good riding my bike to work. But I’m still working on some of the logistics with that.

All in all things are progressing very nicely. I now have noticeable muscle in my arms. Very cool.

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