Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Air Condition Inspection

The Air Condition Inspection or how to potentially spend a great deal of money to repair something.

My next door neighbor was on his roof inspecting the damage done in the storm. He said he looked over on to my roof. Said he didn't see any damage to the roof but that the air conditioner had been moved.

I was going to have a roofing guy come and look at the roof to make sure there was no damage. With this piece of information, I decided that I needed the air condition people to have a look first.

They came today. They said that yes indeed the air conditioner had been moved. The one guy said you could see where the flying roof had hit the unit. They said they tried to put it back up on it's "legs" but weren't able to do that. There was a kink in the hoses in two places. This prevented them from moving the unit back on to them.

When he came down from the roof this is what he said. To put things back to where they were before the storm would cost around $1,600 if they had no problems. If there were problems it would cost any where between $2,000-2,500. He wasn't sure if insurance would cover any of it. I would have to call and find out.

Then he said you don't have to have anything done. The unit works. At one point in time air conditioners needed to be level so certain sensors would work properly. But my unit wasn't like that. As long as it works properly, he didn't see any reason to have the "repair" done.

They also said they didn't see any damage on the roof which was good news.

So for right now I think I'm just going to use the air conditioner as it is. I'll try and get the roofing guy here in the next week or so.

Also today I had a plumber come over to fix a leaky bathroom faucet. Oh if it had only been that simple. It's completely snowballed to where: I'm getting a new fixture for the bathroom sink, as well as a new shut off valve for the sink. But wait there's more (if you call in the next ten minutes you spend even more money on plumbing) a new shut off valve for the main house. The cost is piling up on this one. I hope it to be under $1,000 (probably it will be a little over that).

And so I can spend even more of my money this week, I'm taking the cat to the vet on Saturday.

I was a couple of months ahead on my mortgage but now that will be only one month.

Below are pictures one of the air conditioner techs took of the unit on the roof along with the kinked cords.

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