Monday, August 23, 2010

My Credit Card Company Does Me a “Favor”

Yes, that’s right my credit card company did me a favor. It decided all on its own that it was going to change the number of my card. I got a letter from them in early to mid July stating that they were going to offer me all sorts of great new perks. Along with that would be a change in the number. After listing all the wonderful things this would do was this statement that I’d need to go to all the places that I might have the card listed for automatic billing and change the number.

Thank you so much for that. Now I get to remember all the places I use the credit card. This is not a bad as the last time a credit card company pulled this on me. The last time I’d set up all my magazine subscriptions to be renewed automatically. That way I didn’t get those constant renewal reminders that start a week after you’ve renew your subscription.

The fun part is that I have another credit card that is doing the exact same thing. Some time later this month I’ll be getting a new card with a new number. I’ll have to remember where I use this one. But they’ll be all those great new benefits that I don’t need and won’t use. Thanks so much for the “favor.”

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