Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ward 5 Straw Poll

I went to the Ward 5 Democratic straw poll last night. I thought about driving but thought it would be too crowded and parking would be difficult (and was so right on that). I thought I could walk but I was doing a podcast last night and walking back would take up too much time. So I decided I would ride my bike. I got home around 5 and made dinner. I pumped up my tires and set off.

This was the first time this year that I’ve been on my bike. Not very good when you consider how many times I rode it last year. I biked over to the church at 16th and Taylor where the poll was going to take place. What a mad house. It took me a little while to figure out where I could lock my bike up but I finally found one.

As to the madhouse well it started a block from the church. There were people on the sidwalks with signs for all the different candidates well actually some of them were in the street too. Then were yard signs linning both sides of the parkway. Candidates had set up booths. They were giving away free hot dogs and flavored ice. There was even one of those moon bounce things for the kids to play in.

I got in line. Surrounding the line were people passing out stickers, flyers and urging people to vote for their candidate. There were also candidates there as well. Now when you go to a polling place in an actual election there’s law that no electioneering can take place so many feet from the polling place. Well this was not an official election so people were up to the actual entrance to the church bombarding you with all of this stuff.

When I was just about at the entrance along came one of the workers for one of the candidates saying I’ve got my seniors here and they’re getting off the bus and get to go to the front of the line. Thankfully there were not all that many of them. I finally got in to the church.

Once in people were milling around. Finally there was someone who pointed the way to the basement where you would cast your vote. As I was walking down the stairs there was a man coming up the stairs. It turned out to be Marion Barry. We shook hands. (I commented on this in the most recent 2politcal podcast which should be posted shortly. I said I would never wash my hand but I might sniff it.)

Finally got down into the voting area. I was directed to the M-R table. I checked in and then finally got to vote.

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