Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 86th Birthday and a 10th Anniversary

I'm a day late with this but I fell asleep on my couch last night and didn't get around to this.

But HAPPY 86th BIRTHDAY to my dad, Jack.

Here's a picture from last year with Jennifer and Ed. We'd all gone to a baseball game. We had 85th birthday wishes posted on the scoreboard.

I'm very happy to say that my dad has come through hip surgery really well. He went to the surgeon a couple of days ago. Everything seems to be healing well. The surgeon said it's time for my dad to start using a cane. The cane that has a four pronged base. Most if not all of the pain in his hip is gone (he usually get some discomfort after doing his exercises but that's to be expected) as well as pain in his knee.

Now to the 10th anniversary. This is the 10th anniversary of me presenting and offer on the house I now live in. More importantly it is the 10th anniversary of my offer being accepted on this house.

So a fantastic day all around!

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