Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rhode Island Row — Finishing up

The outside construction looks complete at Rhode Island Row. There are still a few odds and ends that need to be done but otherwise it looks pretty well done. Not sure what progress is being made on the inside but I think that's pretty close to being done as well. The CVS opened last week. It was a couple days late in opening but that's not too unexpected. It is pretty decent size store.

But, as you may notice from the pictures, there is no other retail being developed. I'm not even sure any other tenants have signed contracts. I was told when I looked at the apartments that retail would not be announced until a contract has been signed. That was back in February a good three months ago. Nothing seems to be on the horizon. There's been talk about what people would like to see and rumors about what supposedly going into the space but that's all. I would have thought at least a couple more places, either retail or a restaurant, would have signed up by now. I'm sure the developer will make a very big deal about it if they get someone else. And I'm getting the impression it might just take a little while to fill in those spaces. And that's not a very good thing.

The CVS that just opened.

A very from the Metro platform

Another view from the Metro platform. Still a little work to be done.

Main entrance. The Metro is at the far end.

The last phase of the development

Notice how the first floor, where retail is supposed to go, is empty.

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