Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a Storm

Last night did we have a storm.

It was around 10:30 or do when the wind came up. I opened my front door to see what was going on because of all noise the wind was making. At the time I didn't even realize it was the wind The wind was so strong it almost blew the door out of my hand.

I quickly got into the house. Not sure what was going on. Stuff was blowing all over the place. For a moment I thought it was a tornado or like the storm a couple of years ago that blew off part of a neighbor's roof.

I was deciding whether to gather up the cats and go downstairs when the rain hit. Rain as in raining sideways. Make a tremendous noise against the house. and it lasted for a while. The lights in the house flickered. The street lights actually went out more than once.

The rain slowed ever so slightly and them along came the thunder and lightening. One struck very very close. Scared the cats and me. Thought for sure I'd loose power but some how got lucky and didn't. In about an hour it was over.

Over in the sense the storm passed now comes the clean up. At least a million and a half people are without power and it is supposed to be 100 today. The only thing I dim't have is Internet service. I'm doing this post from my phone

I have a feeling I'll be staying in for most of the day. There's a possibility of more storms tonight.

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