Monday, June 04, 2012

Saturday's Nationals Game

Nothing short of a spectacular day: warm bright and sunny with a little wind.

The seat was great no it was fantastic. When facing home plate, I was a little off to the right and about 40 rows up. I was the entire row. It was just me. Just one seat. There was one row behind me that too was must one seat. The row in front was just two seats. Gradually as you got closer to the field there were more seats in the row. Only draw back was I was right on the isle so people would sometimes block my view of the field. But it was really a Great seat.

Seventh inning stretch I went and got Gelato. I had chocolate. It was very good. I got a large. Did I say it was really good?

The surprise was Stephen Strasburg pitched the game. And it was a very nice surprise because he did really well. As the Post put it so well:

For the first time in 28 career starts, Strasburg fired seven scoreless innings, leading the Nationals to a 2-0 victory, snapping their three-game skid and giving them six straight wins over Atlanta dating from last year. Catcher Jesus Flores drilled a solo home run, Xavier Nady added a pinch-hit, RBI double and Sean Burnett and Tyler Clippard closed it out. But the game belonged to Strasburg, who walked none, allowed four hits and struck out nine, including the final batter he faced, Freddie Freeman, with a 98-mph fastball on his 90th pitch.

Strasburg pitching.

Bryce Harper at bat.

Jesus Flores coming into home after his solo home run.

The team celebrates a victory.

After the game was the concert by Big and Rich. It was amazing how quickly they got the stage and speakers out on to the field and set up. I'd say about 20 minutes after the end of the game the show started. I really liked them. Have to get some of their music.

The speakers are brought onto the field

The stage is set up.

Big and Rich perform.

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