Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fight, Fight Who Wants to See a Fight

I have to say I’ve rarely seen a fight between two people. I’m not talking about people yelling at each other but an actual exchange of blows.

Well, in the past ten days, I’ve seen two. Maybe one and a half. The second one people tried to swing at each other but were held back.

The first one took place on my trip to New York. After the bus didn’t show up, I headed for Penn Station. I bought my ticket for the 3am train back to DC. I headed for the bathroom and that’s when I got the first inkling that something was going on. There was a man an a woman arguing over something. Really couldn’t hear what it was about but I could tell this was not a friendly discussion. As I was coming out of the bathroom, things began to heat up. The volume of the discussion got a great deal louder. Actually the woman was the one doing the yelling. Then all of a sudden she took a swing at the guy. Push came to shove and they both ended up on the floor.

The woman then starts yelling for the police. My thought was maybe you shouldn’t have taken the first swing at the guy. The police did respond. And there are a lot of police in Penn Station (maybe for just this reason). There was, however, no real sense of urgency in the police getting over to the fight. In fact one officer had a smile on his face as he jogged over to break up the fight.

And break it up they did. The two were separated. The man left and woman complained long and loudly about what went on.

The second fight happened on Saturday as I was walking up to the CVS. A bunch of women were well for awhile I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing. There was a great deal of yelling and screaming which you heard from a couple of blocks away. Once I got closer I heard what was being said. One was screaming you're going to go to jail for this. Over and over again. I wasn't exactly sure who this was being said to. But one woman was holding another one back. Even pushed her into the street.

Several people were on cell phones. I assume calling the police. I went on to CVS. By the time I got done there, the crowd had dispersed. The police also had showed up. They were talking to the only person left out of the group.

And that's been my recent experience with fist to cuffs.

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