Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Went and saw Oz: The Great and Powerful today. I went to the first show they had at the theater which was at 10am this morning. Before I get to the movie a couple of quick things.

Up until about 5 minutes before the movie started I was the only person in the theater. Then a couple more people came in. Well that's not entirely true. When I came into the theater and was picking out my seat, I heard what sounded like a person snoring. I looked around the theater and didn't see anyone. I thought it must have been part of the ad that was playing on the screen. Turns out not to be correct. A security guard came in a little later and there was the snoring sound again. There was a guy asleep in one of the last rows of the theater. The security guard got him up and out.

On to the movie. I enjoyed it. It got so-so reviews but I liked the film. I think James Franco was perfect as the wizard. He starts out very much as a con artist out for the treasure and over time changes to really care about what's happening in Oz. I think one of the best sub plots is how he's not the wizard people imagined would come along but he's the wizard they got.

The opening part of the movie is in black and white and does not take up the entire screen. There is a great deal of material in this opening section that deals with the books and the movie. You have to pay attention to everything that's covered because some of it is rather subtle. I do think this section of the movie goes on for a little longer than necessary.

Once in Oz there are a couple of references to the movie as well. One is fairly obvious (which I won't divulge); the other you have to pay close attention to. It's in the background when they set out on the yellow brick road.

The twister (yes he is transferred to Oz just like in the movie; although this ride in the twister is much more dramatic) is amazing and really adds a great deal in 3D. In fact 3D adds a great deal throughout the entire film. I also think the scene where he arrives in Oz and we transfer to black and white to color is very original. And is a nice tip of the hat to the original Wizard of Oz.

In all a very fun movie to see. Maybe they can make a sequel to it some day.


Dan O. said...

Fine review Jason. Just like the original, there are some elements that kids may be scared by (the flying monkeys are terrifying, even for a 19-year old like myself), but it's still a perfect family movie.

Jason in DC said...

Thanks for that. Yes, the monkeys, actually I think they were upgraded to baboons, were scary.

I read you review and agree the film did have some problems but I think it pulled together at the end. I also think Franco was perfect for the role.

A fun time and that's what you want at the movies a fun time.