Sunday, March 03, 2013

Going to New York in the Snow?

Wednesday is my trip to New York to see my musical double header of Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia.

And what's coming along? What have we not had any significant accumulation of entire winter? Why that would be snow of course. And, when you might ask is the snow supposed to show up, why late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It is still too far away to get an accurate idea if DC will actually get some snow or if will just be rain. The kicker is that it will probably all be gone by Thursday since temperatures should be in the 40s maybe even as high as 50 on that day.

But as things are trending, so far, it looks like DC could get snow. Each weather update the models point to that. It looks like the I-95 corridor could get some snow as far up as Philadelphia. New York won't be hit by any of this. So it looks like if I can get out of DC, I can probably make it to New York. The rub of course is, if there is snow, how much will there be and how much of an impact it will have on the trip up. I don't relish sitting on the bus watching time tick by and realizing I'm going to miss one of my shows.

Therefore, I have come up with a Plan B which I think will make it possible to get to New York in plenty of time to see both shows. Right now I hope I won't have to use it but again it looks more and more likely that's what I'll have to use. I'm going to leave what Plan B is right now because it is a little bit on the crazy side.

I'll have to make my decision when I get home from work on Tuesday.

For someone who likes snow, here's hoping DC doesn't have any at least on Tuesday night into Wednesday of this week.

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