Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Nats Game that Wasn't

It started raining around 4 or so and just rained and rained and rained.

It didn't stop until 11pm. Just about that time the Nationals finally called the game. Being the trooper that I am or idiot depending on your viewpoint, I stayed until then. It wasn't all that bad because I knew some people who were at the game too so we hung out together.

The problem we had was there was no update on what was going on. There was an announcement that game would be delayed around 7 or so and then four hours of nothing. Around 9 or so the food places started to close down. A couple remained open on the 100 level of seats but that was about it.

At the very least they could have let people know the situation was still being evaluated. This game is important because Cincinnati lost to Pittsburgh (a game we got to see because it was broadcast on the jumbotron). It is still possible that the Nats could get into the playoffs. They need to win both games today. That was the upshot of the cancellation last night that there will be a split double header today.

Lots of baseball for me today!

This gives you an idea of the rain.

These people sat in their seats for over an hour in the rain.

Cotton Candy!

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