Wednesday, June 04, 2014

My Surreal Tuesday Morning

Some days start off hectic. Some days start off with me forgetting stuff. Some days are just a little strange. Like Tuesday morning was.

I was going to a game Tuesday night but also going to a training session Tuesday morning and going to the gym on Wednesday morning. I have to use a different backpack than my usual one. I also have to create another set of toiletries to take with since I’m leaving everything at the office.

I get up and head out and realize I’ve forgotten my lunch but decide just to leave it for tomorrow because I’m running a little late. I get to my training session a little early so I have time to warm up on the tread mill. I have good session (as I always do) and then the strangeness of the day started.

I need to get some money so I can buy something for dinner while I’m at the game. There just so happens to be an ATM right by the gym. I figure I’ll get money from there. There’s a woman at the ATM. I wait awhile and she is still there. I’m not sure what she is doing but it certainly seems she’s not getting done anytime soon. I decided I’ll head to CVS and pick up my chocolate milk. I figure by the time I get back (because the ATM machine is right by the subway) she will be done. I go get my milk and head back. But she is still there doing who knows what.

I head into the subway. I know there is an ATM that I can use there. I get my money and head for the Metro platform.

There’s a train in the station that is actually going in the direction I want to go. But I don’t make it in time. The reason is that a woman is going down the steps to the platform and is standing just about dead center in the steps. She is slowly walking down while looking at her cell phone. Completely and totally oblivious to what is going on around her. The guy behind her says excuse me attempting to get around her. He says it again and she finally moves just enough so the guy can get by. He makes the train I decide it’s not worth the bother. My mistake.

I get on the platform figuring the next train will come shortly. Well I wait and wait and wait. Almost ten minutes later along comes a train.

The escalator from the platform to the mezzanine level at Bethesda is being repaired. It was supposed to be done in May at least that’s what the sign said until yesterday when it was changed to June. (I have a feeling it will be changed again at the end of this month). So there are stairs to walk up. As I’m going up today someone is coming down. Then slam into the guy in front of me. No apology no acknowledgement of what they did. And here’s the thing there was no train on the platform. There weren’t even any lights flashing nothing to indicate the need to rush down to the platform. Nothing.

I shook my head and went up the rest of the stairs and then through the fare gate.

Bethesda has one of the longest escalators to the street in the Metro system. I decided I would walk up. As I’m going up I start hearing music. I can’t figure out exactly where it is coming from but the father I go up the escalator the louder it gets. At the top, there is another candidate for some office greeting people. Off to one side is a guy playing the accordion. For some reason it seemed so appropriate for the strange morning I had.

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