Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughts Political — the Cantor Loss

I haven’t been posting much about politics lately. The main reason is I’m just so disgusted with what’s going on. The usual crap from the Republicans. Stop Obama any way shape and how. Make sure that the fall election breaks their way. As for trying to do something to help the American people well why do that.

Lately I haven’t been all too happy with the Democrats and Obama either. The roll out of the affordable care act web site what a disaster. The only thing working for them there was the moron Republicans shut down the government.

But what’s brought me back to thinking and writing about politics was Eric Cantor’s recent defeat. To say I’m pleased that this pompous, condescending, self-centered, hypocritical jerk lost the election would be an understatement. And we saw all of those traits on display yesterday when he had his press conference. Talking again about that it is important the two parties compromise on issues to get things done. Wow. The gall of this guy. The same guy who was plotting against Obama before he even got into office. They guy who derailed the grand bargain. The guy well I could go on but you get the point.

It is also incredibly pleasing to me to see Cantor be defeated by a Tea Party candidate. The Republicans, Cantor chief among them, saw the Tea Party as a way to gain control of the House and hopefully the Senate too. Once again party before country. They were well aware of the far far far right ideas these candidates had but had no problems with that as long as they defeated Democrats.

The Republicans thought they could control the Tea Party once they were in office. They were wrong. And there’s been one disaster after another with these people. Main stream Republicans only became concern about the Tea Party when the Tea Party started challenging other Republicans. Then all of a sudden their ideas were too extreme and detrimental to the party and country. Give me a break.

Now the cry goes up that any hope of immigration reform is dead with Cantor’s defeat. I have news for you immigration reform was never going to go anywhere. In fact, I would say the only chance of immigration reform will be when the Republicans no longer control the House of Representative. In other words not in the foreseeable future.

So you’ll get no tears from me about Mr. Cantor’s defeat. (I guess Boehner cried up a storm. Big surprise right?) I’m happy he’s gone.

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