Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Oddest of Wrong Numbers

I stayed home yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well. I was surprised at the number of phone calls I got during the course of the day. I’d say at least four. And one in particular caught my attention.

It sounded very official and involved a legal matter that I needed to attend to. It would be the last time I was notified about this before legal proceedings were start. I was warned in the strongest terms that I essential was being served notice.

The one small problem is that this stern message was for someone named Robert Pedigrew (I’m guessing on the last name here). It’s funny because I hadn’t gotten one of these calls in awhile. They seem to go in cycles. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll get several more of these calls that will all say essential the same thing.

I guess the idea is for you to call them back and say they have a wrong number. I can’t think of any other reason for getting the call. The idea that leaving a message on an answering machine means someone is officially notified about a legal action that’s being pursued against them is just silly. How could anyone in this day and age believe something like that? My feeling is they are trying to get me to call them back and then attempt to get my number removed from being associated with this guy. I have feeling that in order to do that some amount of money would have to be paid to them to get this done. In stead I think I’ll just laugh as I erase the message from my answering machine.

It reminds me of another scam where the call says it’s about lowering the interest on your credit card. As the nice voice says on the recorded message there is nothing wrong with your credit card but you must act now to lower your interest rate to 6.99%. This will be the last time you are called. If that were only the case. I used to get this on my land line on a regular basis now all of a sudden I’m getting them on my cell phone which I’m finding really annoying.

I decided to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on the credit card call. I’m not sure what to do about the other one. The next time they call and leave a message (and there will be a next time) I’m going to Google the number and see what I find out about it.

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