Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delayed in Dallas

On the flight back to DC on Saturday, I went through Dallas. They'd been some bad weather there over the past several days.

Saturday was no exception.

I didn't have any problems getting into Dallas. The problems happened with the flight to DC. There was lightening around and that meant the plane wasn't going anywhere. It resulted in a two hour delay. Not exactly what you want to have happen but it was on the way home so I wasn't all that concerned.

What I did find interesting is that I had more up to date information form American Airlines automated phone service then from the crew on my flight. I got several calls stating that my flight had been delayed and when the new departure time would be. Now it turns out a couple of those were wrong but at least I got some sort of estimated departure time. From the cockpit rather infrequent updates on what was going on.

The additional factor was that we had all boarded the plane. They had even shut the door. The plane got hot rather fast. As we continued to wait at one point the opened the door back up. You could deplane but you would have to take your carry on items with you. I decided to stay on the plane. Once the door was reopened the temperature in the cabin moderated some.

Finally two hours late we off and up in the air.

One other thing I'd like to point out about Dallas and that's the hall ways at the airport. This needs a little bit of a set up so here it is. When I usually travel out to see my family it is at Christmas time so I have to pack cold weather clothes. They of course take up more space in a suit case. So I end up using my soft side luggage which is large enough to fit all the winter clothes but not too big that is has to be checked.

This trip I was able to use a much smaller suit case because my clothes were not a bulking. I was thus able to use a smaller suit case which just so happened to have wheels. Yeah no more toting around my suit case.

I was surprised that large areas of the floors at Dallas were tile floors (it seems that where they were stores or places to eat tile wasn't used). So every time you went from one tile to another with your suit case in tow behind you there as the sound of the wheels going over the tiles. As steady and, to me, very annoying thump thump thump thump. My suit case was rather light and the center of gravity seemed to be always shifting. I had problems from time to time with the suit case wanting to tip over. And that was annoying too.

I'm just surprised that anyone would use a tile floor in an airport.

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