Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Garden Project

I helped my dad with a garden project.

He wanted to clean up an area right off his deck. He wanted to cover the white stones with mulch. He wanted mulch that was a little large than normal. Essentially he wanted mulch chips.

Turned out it was not as easy to find as we thought. We stopped at a Walmart first. There we found pine nuggets. We thought we might be able to find something a little larger. Off we went to Home Depot. Didn't find anything there. On the way to the Home Depot we went past a Lowes. So after no luck at Home Depot we went back there. Turns out no luck there either.

But there was another WalMart near the Home Depot. Off we went to that WalMart. Turns out there were only two bags of the nuggets. We took both. They covered a little over half of the stone area. We did succeed in getting three more bags of nuggets from Ace. So just about every home and garden store in Springfield was visited.

The flowers we got from a nursery right near my dad's house.

Here's the result of the garden project.

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