Friday, May 22, 2015

Wednesday was Jordan Zimmermann's Night

There was that little something in the bottom of the third but otherwise I really do think it was Jordan Zimmermann's night.

I think Zimmermann is my favorite Nats' pitcher. He never seems to get rattled no matter what happens when he is on the mound. His motion seems effortless.

He did give up two runs to the Yankees in the first inning. When the inning was over he seemed to have a big exhale when he walked to the dug out.

After that problem, it was smooth sailing for him. From the Post:
Zimmermann pitches bluntly, attacking so hitters must swing. He battered the first three Yankees hitters with nothing but mid-90s fastballs. Two of them got hits and eventually scored, but Zimmermann continued his barrage. No Yankees scored in the rest of his seven innings. Only one more runner reached second base.
He also ended up being the player of the game. 

Here's Zimmermann in motion.

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