Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Smile

A hot and humid Sunday in DC.

In the next couple of days (most likely sometime on Monday) a front will come through and cool everything off.

Just in time for my string of baseball games. I'm going on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also this week is the Kalb Report on Monday so it will be a very busy week. And my birthday is on Friday too. Per my tradition I will be going to a baseball game on it.

The Nationals have run into a small loosing streak. They've lost three in a row. Hopefully they will come back home ready to get back to winning. I'm hoping to get above .500 in games I've attended with this string of games.

So here's my Sunday smile from Peanuts of course. It is Charlie Brown's battle with the kite eating tress. A battle he never seems to win.

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