Monday, June 01, 2015

A Deluge from the Heavens

And did it ever open up and pour down rain.

It did once while I was at work. Then cleared in time for me to leave. In fact the sun came completely out. The only sign of the storm was the dark clouds heading north. Then of course there was the lightening and the thunder. But otherwise couldn't tell there had been much rain at all.

I was going to the Kalb Report tonight at the National Press Club. I ate dinner at the Corner Bakery. I then walked over to Barnes and Noble to wonder around and take up some time. Finally decided to head over to the Press Club when it happened again.

I was lucky I found some cover at a bus shelter. But even that became problematic after a time. I then dashed to an awning in front of an office building. Next the rain had slackened some and I was able to cross the street. Found some covering under the front entrance of an office building. Worked my way around to the National Theater and then into the Marriott. Finally got to the National Press Club. I was thankful that most of my upper body was dry. My pants got the worst of it.

By the time the program was over I'd dried out.

The view from the bus shelter.

Several people were out riding there bikes.

Right after I took this picture there was a huge bolt of lightening and crack of thunder.

It had started to slow here. Just about to get to the Press Club.

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