Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Ride Up and the Hotel in NYC

The ride up was slow. Not that there was a great deal of traffic but because the driver drove slowly.

I timed how long it took to go a mile a couple of times. All those times he was going under 60 miles per hour.

We were running late. I texted Denis to say I would be bringing the bags to the hotel while Christian went and got the tickets to our first show.

It turns out we were not all that late. The back up at the Lincoln Tunnel was not bad at all. Even quicker was getting across town. That can take 15 minutes or more some times. This trip we only stopped when we hit a red light. I think that was in part because it was an over cast and sort of drizzly day.

We got off the bus and headed up to the hotel, The Row. Dropped off our stuff. Had a few minutes to rest and then headed out.

The hotel is really nice. As I said before it has the City Kitchen there. The location was just fantastic. You are right in the center of Times Square. Rooms were a nice size. Solid comfy beds with nice pillows (there can never be enough pillows as far as I'm concerned). The only draw back was the bathroom was on the small size and the shower had almost no water pressure.

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