Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Another very high energy show. Two hours of now stop music. A funny and very poignant show.

And Darren Criss who played Hegwig was amazing:
All I can say is, Criss’s towering performance is a revelation. And plenty of Gleeks turned out to see him the night I attended, jumping and whooping without knowing the lyrics to the songs (which is how I deduced they came via Glee and not Hedwig). This wallop of a show has the power to convert TV fans to theaterhounds if anything does.

Criss gets strong support from a twistedly charismatic Rebecca Naomi Jones (Passing Strange) as Yitzhak, four fine onstage rock musicians, bang-up glam costumes (by Arianne Phillips), and those titanic wigs (by Mike Potter) called out in the song “Wig in a Box.” Kevin Adams’ lighting and the artfully childlike animations add atmosphere and spectacle. But all would be for nought without an intensely charismatic Hedwig, and Criss fits the bill and more as the self-obsessed, spiteful, and gleefully punning antihero who proves herself heroic after all in soldiering on through disappointment after disappointment.

An amazing performance.

We stayed around after the show to get pictures. At least that' what Denis and I got. Christian got a couple of autographs as well. Darren was the last one out. Probably about an hour after the show ended.

I used the burst function on my camera to get pictures. It's hard to get good shots when the person is looking down at what they are signing. Here are a few. You can see he still has nail polish on.

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