Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wild Weather at Nats Park Last Night

Grounds crew out to remove the tarp.

The storm was huge. Thunder and lightening every where. Lightening struck a construction crane near the park. It made a huge noise.

Then after things started to clear the sky turned a really strange color. I got a little of it in a couple of shots I took.

The reason for it:
But after the rain stopped, the real fun began. What made the sky turn that angry shade of crimson? The Capital Weather Gang’s Angela Fritz explains:
Sunsets tend to be most brilliant when there’s clean air — like the kind that’s been washed of pollution by heavy rain — and mid- or high-level clouds for the sun’s rays to bounce off of. Last night, instead of just one layer of clouds for the sunlight to reflect from, there were ragged low and mid-level clouds and above that a more uniform deck of altostratus.
As the post-storm clouds streamed southeast across the metro, they reflected the sun’s upward rays back toward Earth and to our watching eyes. All of the different elements came together to create a multi-layer sunset that looked like brush stokes on a canvas.
Follow the link to see some pictures Nats players took. Also a link to the lightening strike.

You can just make out the rainbow here.

Looks like the clouds were boiling.

More boiling clouds

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