Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Good Win for the Nats

Teddy toots out lets go Nats on the horn

Stephen Strasburg returned to the mound last night. He threw 94 pitches over 5 innings. As I said earlier that was a little high in comparison to Atlanta's pitcher. But not a bad first game after being injured.

Strasburg said:
“All this time I’ve been working on mechanics and working on fine-tuning things,” Strasburg said. “But when you go out there between the lines, you go out there and compete. I wasn’t going to think about mechanics at all. I was just going to give it everything I had.”
 Strasburg has had a hard couple of years. I've been to several games over the past few years where he's pitched really well. He allowed only a couple of runs. But the Nats offense couldn't provide any support and he ended up loosing games.

This year seems a little different in there have been games where he has just been pummeled. Thus the reason his ERA 6.55 this year. But after this game it's down below 6. Here's hoping it continues to go down. I expect that over his next few starts he will be pitching longer into the game.

Once Strasburg left the bull pen took over. Tanner Roark pitched two great innings. He continues to show just how good he is at what he does. Matt Thorton in the eight. Then things got really exciting i the 9th. Drew Storen came in. Storen got two out then loaded the bases. Thankfully he got a batter to pop up and Wilson Ramos caught the ball and ended the game.

The Nats offense was pretty good last night. They had 12 hits. But they could have done better when runners were in scoring positions. They went 4 for 10. Bottom of the 8th Nats had runners on first and third with one out and couldn't get anyone in. This needs to get a little better for the Nats to continue to win games.

But I was glad for the win even if, like I said, the 9th inning was a nail bitter.

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