Sunday, June 14, 2015

When Technology Has a Mind of Its Own

This Sunday was going to be spent getting update to the blog. Many posts about a variety of subjects.

Instead of doing that I have been trying, with absolutely no success, to get the scanner in my all-in-one device to work. Last week it worked just fine. Today when I try importing from Preview I get a error message that says the scanner is not available.

And now literally as I was typing the last sentence it suddenly started working again. What the F*#CK.

What a nice way to spend an hour of your Sunday afternoon.

Now what was I going to post about. Hmmm. Well I think the best I can do for right now is say just how hot a day it was here in DC. Low 90s felt 5 or more degrees warmer. I went and saw Jurassic World which I'll talk about in a later post.

In light of the fact it was soooo hot today, I thought this a great Peanuts cartoon. And it also takes place in the winter with snow on the ground.

I hope I'll have no further problems with my technology and be able to post a little later today. I'm also going to need my blood pressure to come down a little from the last little go around with the scanner.

All I can say it always amazes me when you haven't changed anything with the software or the hardware all of a sudden there's a problem. A most frustrating bit of the afternoon.

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