Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hot Spinning Class at LA Fitness

Yes, I’m taking a hot spinning class at my gym, LA Fitness. Hot as in the room where the class is is warm not that the class is trendy or anything like that. But, unlike the hot yoga courses that are sometimes offered, the hot spinning class is not by choice. It’s because the air conditioning in the spin room doesn’t work.

Monday it was 79 in the room and today it was 81 and that’s when you first walk into the room. So you can sit on your bike without doing anything and still break out into a sweat. By the time your done with the class well the heat takes a toll on you.

I don’t stay for the whole class anyway because I have to get to work. Usually I arrive about ten minutes early and then stay for about 40 minutes of the class. But with the heat especially today I was only able to do just 40 minutes. I was soaked in sweat when I stepped out of the spin room. When you do that you’re are immediately hit with this wall of cold air. It almost makes you cold that’s how significant a difference there is in the temperature.

I’ve talked to the guy at the front desk about this. He did everything he could to get the AC working. He tripped the breaker but that didn’t do anything. The fan is working but the air conditioning is deader than dead.

What I don’t understand is that the gym was closed for two and a half weeks to be completely remodeled. The spin room was moved. It’s much bigger than the old one. It seems to me one of things that would be checked with the remodeling is that the air conditioning worked. Because it used to work just fine in the room. So what exactly happened to it.

I know that people have mentioned the problem to the front desk. This has been passed up to the manager. Yet little if anything seems to have been done to try and fix the problem. At the very least they could get a big industrial fan or two in the room to help circulate the air. The ceiling fans only provide relief if you are directly underneath them.

I decided the thing to do was to send an e-mail to the corporate office of LA Fitness. This was the response I got:

I fully understand your frustration. This is not the experience we want anyone to have.

I have contacted the Operations Manager at the Washington DC location for their immediate attention.

That was on June 1. And nothing has happened. I sent another email last Wednesday and again today. I’m going to call the customer service number and try the manager as well.

Like I said an industrial fan or two might help. Also some communication with us that management is attempting to solve the problem. Either by someone coming into the class or a note on the door. Something to acknowledge that this is a problem.

How hard could that be?

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