Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Walk Home on Thursday

The results of Thursday game was a disappointment to say the least. The way it ended with someone being picked off at first base well that was just plain bad.

It was after midnight which of course means the subway had closed.

There were not many people left but enough to make getting a cab a little difficult. I've yet to do Uber and thought this might not be the best time to make it the first time.

I decided I would walk over to the Capitol South Metro stop. There were several bars over there and I thought I could get a cab there if I didn't see one before that. When I got there all those places were closed because of course it was Thursday night.

The only place I knew for sure I could get a cab was Union Station. That's where I headed off to. There was very little traffic. It seemed no one else but me was out.

And during that walk I got these great pictures.

While passing the Supreme Court, I waved to one of the guards who was out walking the grounds. He yelled out how's they do. I told him they lost. We then proceeded to talk about the game. The Nats in general. The easiest way to get home after a late game. He said he walks a couple of blocks away from the park and then orders Uber. 

The whole conversation lasted about 10 minutes. I thought it was just great. It put me in a much better mood. I hoped it made his night a little better too.

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