Saturday, December 19, 2015

So Much to Post — First White House Tour

My goodness it has been a really busy few days. Star Wars and White House tour and all other sorts of things. More events and doings and places visited. So this starts a series of post trying to cover of all of it.

First will be the White House tour. Denis requested these tickets a few months back. Since we weren't entirely sure if or when our tour would be, it meant we would have to see Star Wars around it. We knew that 8-1 was off limits on Friday. It ended up that our tour was at 8:30 Friday morning. Since we saw Star War 11:30 the night before, we didn't get a whole lot of sleep.

But it was worth it as these pictures will show.

We went through several security check points to get in. Denis brought with him the paper that had is confirmation of the tour (he was going to leave it behind but took a closer look at it and realized he needed to bring it along).

Here's the entrance to the White House

Denis at the gate.

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